Planning your journey

Your Itinerary

You should plan to arrive in Cape Town at least 2 days prior to your intended surgery. To facilitate adequate recuperation and a comfortable return journey I recommend you remain in Cape Town between 1-3 weeks after surgery (see below).

Suggested duration of stay: This should be confirmed prior to making you flight reservations.

  • Eyelids  7-10 days
  • Breast Surgery 10-14 days
  • Facelift - 2 weeks
  • Abdominoplasty 2- 3 weeks

Medical considerations

If you have any medical conditions make sure you have informed me well in advance prior to your departure.

Please ensure that you have informed me of any medications or supplements you may be taking prior to your confirmation of surgery.

In certain instances you may be requested to consult your general practitioner or have blood tests prior to your departure.

Certain medications should be avoided for at least 2 weeks before surgery: aspirin or aspirin containing medications, (common in cold and flu medications) Anti Inflammatories, (Voltaren, Brufen, Vioxx, Norflex) arnica and some homeopathic or herbal remedies. T

hese may thin your blood and predispose to bleeding. Garlic and red wine should be avoided for 2 days before surgery. In the event that you develop a bacterial or viral infection (respiratory, skin etc.) your surgery may be postponed.

At your pre-operative consultation ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are confident that you understand your procedure, the risks and the likely post-operative course.

medical notes

The better prepared you are, the easier it will be.


Please note that some procedures (e.g. facelift, abdominoplasty) may not be performed at all in smokers.

In these cases a month's abstinence prior to and after surgery is mandatory.

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