Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials

...capable and gifted hands

Dear Stuart, Karen, Lynne and Co

Words fail to express my humble gratitude to you for the most amazing experience I had in your very capable and gifted hands.

My surgery was truly a divine God appointment! Thanks for making so much more than a mere memorable mark in my heart!

...amazing throughout from start to finish

Dear Lynne

Just to say thank you for the appointment scheduling. You have all been amazing throughout from start to finish.

Please thank all the nursing staff in the clinic for me. I felt very comfortable and well looked after during my overnight stay.

Thank you for your professionalism and warm heart

Dear Dr Geldenhuys,

Just a note to commend you on your work. Both you and Lynne are an amazing team and you managed to turn a somewhat scary procedure (for me) into a very positive experience.

Thank you for your professionalism and warm heart. experience so far...

Dear Stuart, It is such a blessing to have had you as my surgeon.

I’ve had surgeries in Paris, London and Brussels and this has been the best experience so far, thanks to you and your wonderful team at Renaissance Clinic.

...thank you all for your care...

Dr Stuart Geldenhuys, Lynne, Karen and team

Something small and delicious to thank you all for your care, your kindness, your incredible expertise, and most of all, for listening.

The whole experience has been great

The whole experience has been great.

From my first phone call with Lynne  - her way with the client/patient is very personal and accommodating. Nothing is ever a hassle for her. 

The whole procedure has forced me to stop and smell the flowers. Having 3 small kids life is all about them and so very busy - all the time.   This surgery has allowed me to have time to reflect and be thankful - which has been awesome. 

As for Dr Geldenhuys - he has an incredible gift of empathy towards people and his understanding of what the patient needs/wants becomes apparent in his work. 
He always had my back whether I was for the surgery or not. He never rushed any consultation or decision and always gave me loads of time in each visit. 
It’s obvious that this is more than just a profession, it's a passion and that's so evident in the surgeon/person that he is. 

I feel very blessed to have had both Stuart & Lynne take me through what seemed quite a daunting procedure and turn it into a very positive experience. 

Thank you both - so much! 

Magician, magician, magician!!!!


Magician, magician, magician!!!!

Thank you, Stuart, so very much for my new eyes and the "reconstruction" of my once hollowed-out cheeks!!! A new lease on life at such a late stage does indeed make me feel wonderful!!

Thank you also for being kind and gentle and informative always - for patiently answering all my questions, explaining the procedure in complete detail right from our first meeting. it was such unknown (very unknown!) territory for me, but from the outset you make me feel safe, very safe.

Lots of love, 

Thank you for your share in my new eyes


Dear Lynn,

A huge, big thank you for your share in my new eyes.

Thank you also for your friendliness always, for helping me work through all those papers right in the beginning and for always accommodating me and my strange requests for awkward appointment times. 

Stuart is a very lucky man to have you as his "front of house" !!!!!

Kind regards,