NEW AGE: Breast Reduction Benefits

Dr Stuart Geldenhuys discussed how over-endowed women can be offered a new lease of life.

When most women consider breast surgery, they think of augmentation. However, bigger is not always better.

“For woman with large, heavy breasts, many simple daily activities can become a burden and participating in sport is often impossible,” says Cape Town cosmetic surgeon Dr Stuart Geldenhuys.

“Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue, fat and skin, to create more proportionate breasts for each woman’s body type as well as to alleviate the medical and emotional stress of large, heavy breasts.”

Why opt for breast reduction?

Geldenhuys explains that large, heavy breasts can have a very disabling effect – causing symptoms such as shoulder, neck and lower back pain, sores caused by excessive skin rubbing, a decrease in physical performance, shoulder bra strap grooving and many more.

“Not only can big breasts be extremely uncomfortable, but it is usually difficult for overly-endowed women to find bras that fit and their clothing choices are severely restricted.”

Read the full article published in New Age, 30th Oct (page 27), by downloading the PDF attachments below.

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