CAPE ARGUS: An SA man's struggle with his man boobs

Gynaecomastia is a source of embarrassment, and emotional stress – The Cape Argus reviews one man's experience and talks to Dr Geldenhuys about the condition and the plastic surgery solutions available.

During high school Adam* was teased a lot. So much so that he stopped swimming and playing water polo, sports he thoroughly enjoyed.

It pained him not to take part in interschool galas. And he never took his top off at the beach.

The source of his embarrassment? His “moobs” or “man boobs”, jocular names the 1.9m teen endured from fellow pupils. He says sometimes people grabbed at his chest to squeeze them. “It was… horrible.”

Adam wasn’t to know, until much later, that he had a medical condition called gynaecomastia, “an abnormal enlargement of one or both breasts due to the benign increase of breast glandular tissue”.

As a teenager, Adam didn’t understand why the region around his chest was the only area where he couldn’t lose weight. He didn’t think to seek help from anyone. “I thought I was just fat.”

But as he got older, his condition continued to bother him. It limited him emotionally. He considered himself a smart and well-groomed man, yet this was “the part of me I was always trying to hide”.

Read the full article published in Cape Argus, 11th Sept (page 20 -21), by downloading the PDF attachments below.

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