scarscience50 ml ScarScience™ Gel combination with 24 mm micro porous tape

Manage a scar before it is a problem

ScarScience™ is a unique Scar Management Programme scientifically formulated to improve the outcome of a scar. This formulation blends unique ingredients, which are backed up by clinical research.

ScarScience™ prevents scars by means of:

  • Collagen maturation – Formation of the right type of collagen in the right collagen arrangement (i.e. Collagen Decorin like re-arrangement: increased type 1 mature collagen formation) Moducoll™ Formulation
  • Moisture and hydration – Silicone is recognized as the most efficient hydrating agent in scar control. Its special formulation creates a physical coating barrier that locks in moisture
  • Controlled inflammation – Contains anti-inflammatory properties which assist in controlling healing and scarring
  • Physical support - 3M micro porous tape eliminates tension on the scar.


  • Caesarian section scars
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery scars -tummy tuck, mastectomy, body contouring, breast reduction and augmentation
  • Major and minor surgical and trauma scars
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