Should I have my breast augmentation only after I am done having children?

A large percentage of women have breast augmentation before having children (greaterthan 50% in my practice). In most cases breast implants do not interfere with breastfeeding.This is especially true when the implants are placed sub-pectorally (under themuscle). Some drooping can occur after pregnancy, but not any more than if the implantswere not done. If women are actively trying to get pregnant, it is best to wait until afterpregnancy.

Can I Breast-Feed with Breast Implants?

Most women with breast implants successfully breast feed their babies. The peri-areolaincision site is more likely to affect the ability of some women to breast-feed.Should I be at my ideal weight before I have a breast implant procedure?You should be close to your ideal weight. Any significant weight fluctuation after a breastaugmentation will alter the appearance of the breasts – occasionally negatively.

Am I too old or too young for a breast augmentation?

The average age of patients requesting breast augmentation in my practice is between 25and 45 years of age. If health allows, there is no age cut off, and many breastaugmentations have been performed in patients in their 60's. As women age, it is morelikely that a breast lift may be needed. A breast lift procedure (mastopexy) can beperformed either with or without a breast augmentation.In younger patients, breast augmentations should not be performed until breastdevelopment is complete.

Will getting implants cause stretch marks on my breasts?

Insertion of implants may cause stretch marks but rarely does. A smaller size implant willminimize the stretching of the skin.

Do breast implants need to be replaced?

The only reason to replace implants is if there is a problem with them, i.e. capsularcontracture (change in breast shape / hardening of the breasts) leakage (generally withsaline implants), or dissatisfaction with breast size, symmetry or position.

Can I go to a tanning salon or sunbathe if I have implants?

Tanning at salons or sun bathing will not hurt the implant but may make the scars worse.You should avoid getting sun or tanning rays on the incisions for at least one year aftersurgery as ultra-violet radiation will create abnormal pigmentation in the scar.

Do implants influence the occurrence of breast cancer?

No studies have ever shown this to be a concern for humans. There is no evidence thatimplants cause cancer.

Can I Have a Mammogram if I Have a Breast Implant?

Women with breast implants undergo mammography and other imaging techniques just asdo women without implants. With breast implants, routine screening mammography maybe more difficult. You will need to inform the mammography technologists about thepresence of your implants, additional techniques will be required. Mammography centersuse displacement techniques to adequately visualize breast tissue in the implantedbreasts. Ultrasound is a commonly used as an alternative means of screening for breastcancer in the presence of breast implants.It is important to note that the presence of implants not only has no influence on thepossible development of breast cancer but also has no impact on the prognosis in patientswho develop breast cancer with implants.

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